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From the Chief Editor
Pavel Aleksandrovich Minakir Russian Crisis: Expectations Against Facts 7-15
Igor Alekseevich Makarov,
Anna Konstantinovna Sokolova
Evolution of Value Added Chains in Asia Pacific Region and Opportunities for Russia 16-36
Elena Anatolievna Fedorova,
Alexey Eduardovich Nikolaev,
Anna Sergeevna Nikolaeva,
Marina Anatolievna Alekseeva
Estimation of Effect of Foreign Direct Investment on the Russian Economy during Sanctions Based on Spillover Effects 37-58
Natalia Valentinovna Lomakina Reform Transformations and Their Results in the Mineral Sector of the Far East 59-82
Natalia Leonidovna Simutina,
Nikolay Nikolaevich Leventov,
Olga Petrovna Puzikova
The Impact of Economic Factors on the Employment Rate in the Informal Sector: Regional Aspect 83-100
Boris Grigorievich Saneev,
Irina Yurievna Ivanova,
Tatyana Fedorovna Tuguzova,
Alexander Konstantinovich Izhbuldin
Autonomous Energy Sources in the North of the Far East: Current State and Directions of Diversification 101-116
Anna Vladimirovna Stupnikova Spatial Reaction of Prices in the Vegetable Markets to Restrictions on Foreign Trade 117-137
Dmitriy Aleksandrovich Izotov Russian Far East’ Investment Cooperation with Sub-Global Economic Structures under the Conditions of the National Economy’s Recession 138-153
Mariya Mikhailovna Osetskaya,
Vladimir Fedorovich Ukraintsev
Current Trends in the Nuclear Power Global Market 154-169
Review, discussion, criticism
Yegor Leonidovich Domnich About Innovative Component of Input and Output in Russian Industry 170-182
Current News
Tagir Dautovich Khuziyatov Northeast Asia International Conference for Economic Development (2018 Nice in Niigata) 183-187
Yana Valeryevna Dyomina 20th Regional Competition of Young Scientists and Postgraduates 188-190

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