In the section Review, discussion, criticism
Title of the article Important Event in Japanese Studies (About the Book 'Socio-Economic Geography of Japan', edited by I.S. Tikhotskaya).
Pages 153-159
Author Eugene Borisovich Kovrigin
PhD in Economics, Professor
Seinan Gakuin University
6-2-92 Nishijin, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka, Japan, 814-8511
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Abstract The article is a review of the book 'Socio-Economic Geography of Japan' edited by I.S. Tikhotskaya and published in 2016. It is noted that this book shows the changing socio-economic geography of Japan not in isolation from the rest of the world, it reflects the position, role and characteristics of a wide set of Japanese studies disciplines in a global context. The book's structure can be reduced to four sections: geographical habitat, socio-demographic problems, economic geography and political and regional issues. Each section provides a vast array of factual material. The reviuewer recommends for future work describing the Japanese geopolitical history which can give an idea of geographical expanding (or declining) of the Japanese Empire borders and causes and consequences of these changes.
Code 91+33
DOI 10.14530/se.2017.1.153-159
Keywords regional geography ♦ socio-economic geography ♦ Japan
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For citation Kovrigin E.B. Important Event in Japanese Studies (About the Book 'Socio-Economic Geography of Japan', edited by I.S. Tikhotskaya). Prostranstvennaya Ekonomika = Spatial Economics, 2017, no. 1, pp. 153-159. DOI: 10.14530/se.2017.1.153-159 (In Russian).
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